Integrated Units of Inquiry

Integrating PHE lessons into Units of Inquiry

'The Transdisciplinary approach asks that specialist teachers in the PYP step out of their areas of expertise to think as a generalist. This is necessary both to acknowledge that knowledge in all fields is subjective and fluid, and to support students to make authentic connections to their personal and collective interests' (Elements of the PYP Framework).

With this in mind, it is firstly important to think outside the boundaries of being a PE teacher and into the shoes of a classroom teacher. Obviously, there is where ongoing collaboration comes in and regular meetings with homeroom teachers are vital. What is the language being used in the UOI? Can I regularly insert them into my specialist lessons so that the learning is reinforced? Can I make links to the core subjects of Maths, English, Science? It is important to note here that one should not try to make links that are forced or ambiguous - they should connect on many levels and be meaningful. At KIS, when planning, we take care to ensure that transdisciplinary links are not shoehorned into every UOI but when they are inserted, they are planned in depth and carry real purpose.

Forces & Motion (G4)

In this unit we collaborated with G4 teachers to explore and make connections with Forces & Motion and how it applies to Physical Education. We used it constantly through our Athletics UOI with elements such as Action-Reaction off the floor, arm swing, knee bend, going from low to high in throwing, jumping and sprint starts. Then we experimented with it in the swimming pool where we ran through water and compared it to swimming through it!

Exploration (G3)

This is an example of a fully planned collaboration with the Grade 3 team, which allowed students to delve deeper into their UOI of Exploration. We started off with team building exercises before we moved onto more OAA programme-based activities.

See here for more details.

Governance (G5)

Whilst planning with G5 teachers, we decided to use this team game of 'Steal the Bacon' (a rugby version of Capture the Flag) to introduce our UOI of Governance. Within the PE lesson, we talked introduced concepts such as electing leaders, borders and territory, laws, penalties (going to jail here!) and most importantly, working together toward a common goal.