Stay @ Home Skills & Fitness

Hi everybody!

Its very important that while we are not in school, that we are still very active keeping ourselves fit and learning new skills. Therefore I have created 2 sections below for helping us do this. Can we practice at least one for 20 minutes every day?

You need to : -

1. Choose one SKILL to master from either the "In-the-house" or "Backyard" games and practice this skill.

2. Choose one FITNESS challenge to do - it can be jogging, skipping, yoga, running or a fitness workout from the videos below

Please click on one of the sporting activities below and take the challenges available! Remember, if you get a top score, you need to submit a video as evidence on Seesaw! If you have a social media TikTok account (you must ask your parents for permission IF you want to do this), create a video and hashtag #stayathomeskills #mrbenpe - Good luck!

Stay @ Home SKILLS challenge!

Backyard Games

Racket Games (Tennis)

Kicking (Football)

Big Ball skills (Basketball)

In-the-House Games

Stay @ Home FITNESS challenge

As well as learning new skills we also need to keep our fitness levels up - not only to make us fitter physically, but also to keep our minds active and to feel good about ourselves!

Can you choose (at least) one of the activities below and do it for 20 minutes every day?? You can also do something completely different that you enjoy doing! These are only some of the ideas, there are plenty more!!