Skipping (or Jump rope) is an excellent form of fitness that allows us to develop coordination at the same time. Why don't you try one of the challenges below and see how well you do??

Skipping Challenge

Hi everybody! Today's challenge is skipping! Its a great form of exercise used by many athletes from gymnastics to boxing. It involves developing your coordination whilst keeping fit at the same time! Can you.. 1. Use the instructions attached and see how many different skipping exercises you can do. 2. How many skips can you do without stopping? Remember - We should be doing 20 minutes of activity every day, so make sure you break up all your schoolwork with some activity regularly!

Hall of Fame!

Can you get into the top 10?! Please write your name below in the order of your highest score. Don't forget to copy and paste the scores your surpass underneath you:) You can keep adding to the rank - don't delete anybody, just add another number. Don't forget to upload your videos to Seesaw!

Skipping challenge