Fitness Workouts

There are loads of great workouts and games out there on the internet to get us up and going - can you complete one of these? Can you comment afterwards how you felt physically? Did you enjoy it? Did you find it difficult? Would you like to mix it up with something else like Dance and Yoga? Remember to keep your workouts varied and fun!

PE with Joe

This is a fun action-packed workout specifically designed for students like you!

Copy of Capn Petes Home Activity Visual Packet.pdf

Captain Pete's workout

Choose one of these to do each day!

Home Court app

Even though this is primarily a Basketball app, this program has loads of great activities and competitions to keep you fit and active!

Download the "Home Court' app on a device, log in and go to Agility drills. Then choose one of the drills to do. Can you beat Mr Bens Lateral quickness score? Have a go - its great fun!