Games & Activities

Ideas, Games and Activities for PE lessons

Here is a selection of the different games and activities that we use in PE lessons at KIS. Like all good teaching ideas, a lot of them have been borrowed, stolen and adapted from others! Many of these can be found on my Youtube channel or Twitter account.

One-minute lessons!

New! Here are some quick lesson examples of PHE in the PYP. I try to incorporate warm-ups, resources, progressions and games into 60 second clips. Click here for more quick and easy videos.

These lesson ideas can be transferred across a number of games and activities. Next to the actual one-minute video there will be a more depth description and information about how the lesson runs.

Quick Warm-up games

Here are a variety of warm-up games for any sport or activity. They are fun, active, include everybody and basically does what it says - warms everybody up!


Here are a few KIS lesson ideas that involve Inquiry. We look at how we can improve and become better athletes in activities requiring running, jumping and throwing.

Net Games

Following on from the Net Games unit which is covered in more detail here, these games are designed to help with exploring the common traits that all net games have in common.


For those of us lucky enough to teach in warmer climes (or even just in the summer elsewhere!), I've included some videos of how we get the students to peer coach and asses in swimming. There is also a 'how to' video on swimming assessment as well as fun games and activities!


No horse, no trampette, no gymnastic bars? No problem! In these videos we outline gymnastics lessons which require the students to use their own creativity to devise sequences with concepts such as travel, balance and flight. All you need is some mats, resource cards, and some creative minds and positive attitudes!


Handball is a great sport to teach in the PYP! The skills learnt in handball transfer over into many other sports - throwing, catching, movement, spatial awareness - and it is a simple game to pick up. We use it at KIS in rainy season as it leads into Basketball and Football but it is an ideal indoor game which requires minimum space and resources.