Basketball Challenge No.1

First up - its Mr Zacks Basketball challenge! Can anybody outshine the teacher here with a top score in any of these challenges?

1. Basketball and tennis ball juggling. How many can you do?

2. Chest pass against the wall. Put up a target the size of an A4 size piece of paper on the wall, walk back 4 steps and see how many times you can hit it in 10 shots. For the Hall of Fame challenge, how many times can you hit it in 30 seconds??

3. Can you hit the target, but now try it by bouncing the ball at the floor first and up onto the target. How many times in 30 seconds?

Don't forget to upload your best shots onto Seesaw!

Hall of Fame!

Can you get into the top 10?! Please write your name below in the order of your highest score. Don't forget to copy and paste the scores your surpass underneath you:) You can keep adding to the rank - don't delete anybody, just add another number. Don't forget to upload your videos to Seesaw!

Basketball & Tennis Ball juggle


how many without stopping?
Chest Pass


against target 4m away. How many in 30 seconds?
Bounce Pass


against target 4m away. How many in 30 seconds?