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Hi everybody! This is my website set up with the aim of sharing ideas and good practice - not only for Physical Education teachers alone, but for all educators, as we incorporate Units of Inquiry and many of the Approaches to Learning into lessons.

Within PSE, some of the questions asked are 'what is inquiry in PE? and what does it look like?' More importantly - and this is currently a big concern with many PE teachers -'can we include all the students and how can we keep them all active?' I will try and answer some of these questions with examples of some snippets of my lessons and practices on this site.

Although many of the practices on here are geared towards inquiry in the PYP and MYP IB curriculum, my experiences of teaching the British Curriculum for 10 years will be present to see and will be helpful for UK educators too. Furthermore, there will be examples of assessment in PE, using new programs such as Managebac and Seesaw to formatively and summatively assess students. All the ideas here have been gained whilst working with some fantastic educators on my teaching travels across the world and has allowed me to develop a growth mindset when I plan my units and lessons. Hopefully, like a good IB learner, there is a bit of Balance everywhere on this website:)

Hope you enjoy the site and thanks for visiting.

Ben Hubbard


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This week we look at our current UOI - Net Games and revisit some highlights from our swimming and gymnastics lessons!

One-minute lessons!

New! Here are some quick lesson examples of PHE in the PYP. I try to incorporate warm-ups, resources, progressions and games into 60 second clips. Click here for more quick and easy videos.

These lesson ideas can be transferred across a number of games and activities. Next to the actual one-minute video there will be a more depth description and information about how the lesson runs.

Inquiry in PE - Example lesson

This is an Athletics lesson that can be used for Grades 3-5 to inquire into how to throw a large object for distance. Emphasis is placed on all students being active (here they are in pairs or mini groups), where they can constantly talk with, discuss and peer coach their partner. See full Athletics UOI here.

Stand Alone Units

This UOI took place over 12 weeks and incorporated a range of Net Games. Students experimented by playing the sports of Badminton, Mini Volleyball (Smashball), Table Tennis, Water Volleyball and Short Tennis and then used their experiences from each one to link the similarities between the games. Students can drive the inquiry themselves by reflecting on what they have learnt and how they can use these experiences to help them in their new activities. Click here for more details

Integrated Units

This is an example of a fully planned collaboration with the Grade 3 team, which allowed students to delve deeper into their UOI of Exploration. We started off with team building exercises before we moved onto more OAA programme-based activities. See here for more details.

PHE Planning in the PYP

Here are some of the examples of some of the rough ideas we have brainstormed to use as planners, devised with our PYP coordinator. In some cases, we were able to piece together a unit from G1 right through to G5 using the same Central Idea and just changing the LOs and CUs. This has made for real connections as the students move through the year grades and we are able to link up ideas and make the learning meaningful. Click here for more details

Assessment in PHE

Assessment in PE has become a lot easier and clearer, mainly thanks to great new apps and websites such as Seesaw and ConnectedPE. Videos or snapshots of pupils in action using any device can immediately be relayed back to students during the lesson or even posted onto their account (see below for Seesaw) to follow up with self, peer or teacher feedback after the lesson. This makes it a great tool for both Formative and Summative assessment. Read more here.

Games, Exercises & Warm-up Ideas

Here are some of the games ideas which we use to promote inquiry. There is also a selection of warm-up games and exercises that can be used across most age ranges. Click here for further information. Or subscribe to my YouTube channel to see more games and ideas.

Apps to use

Integrating technology into Physical Education is an essential tool in todays' modern society for making learning easier and meaningful. At KIS we use a range of apps to help learning in this way. Click here for further information.

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