Mini fitness

Lets get Stuffed (toys!)

Toy Twist

No hands Toy challenge

Lets get physical!

Toilet roll stack

Toilet roll plank


Skipping Challenge

Hi everybody! Today's challenge is skipping! Its a great form of exercise used by many athletes from gymnastics to boxing. It involves developing your coordination whilst keeping fit at the same time! Can you.. 1. Use the instructions attached and see how many different skipping exercises you can do. 2. How many skips can you do without stopping?

Super Sporty Videos!!

We are going to feature the most creative videos of you guys working out on here! So, use your best ICT/acting or just sporting skills and upload them to Seesaw. Don't forget you can use Imovie or TikTok (#mrbenpe #stayathomeskills #kis) to add cool music and effects!

This weeks' top video goes to Arj in G4 for his James Bond-esque video for doing the plank! Great work! Can you make a video like this??