Tennis Challenge No. 1

This is the basics of how we start Tennis - hitting the ball against a wall and anticipating it coming back.

1. Forehand. How many times can you hit the ball against the wall without losing control? The ball can bounce once.

2. Backhand. A bit trickier now - how many can you do with one bounce? Tip: try and hit the same spot each time

3. Alternate shots. Can you hit a forehand shot then a backhand shot? Tip: Move your feet and try to get sideways on to hit the ball

Hall of Fame!

Can you get into the top 10?! Please write your name below in the order of your highest score. Don't forget to copy and paste the scores your surpass underneath you:) You can keep adding to the rank - don't delete anybody, just add another number. Don't forget to upload your videos to Seesaw!

Tennis Forehand

Tennis Backhand

Tennis Alternate Forehand & Backhand