Virtual Spirit Day

Virtual Spirit Day!

Yes its finally here! This Friday we have a Virtual Sports Day which will run alongside activities from Music & Art to create a 'Virtual Spirit Day'. From Grades 1-5 we have a range of games and activities that involve fitness, skills and fun!

All you need is a small area of space, some old clothes (socks, t-shirts, anything that you don't mind getting a little bit grubby!) or some of your favourite toys PLUS a basket of some kind if possible (don't worry if you don't have).

Bonus points will be awarded for students who show great effort and commitment plus wacky hair and clothes of their house!

See you there!

G2-5 Challenges

Lets get Stuffed (toys!)

Toy Twist

No hands Toy challenge

Batter up

Pancake Toy toss

Flip the lid

Toilet Roll plank

Whats the Catch (G4-5)

Flying Squirrel

EYFS-G1 Challenges

Balloon Up!

Balloon Keepy-ups

Balloon tennis

Ping Pong Pong!

Egg Basket Ping Pong

Lets get physical!

Towel Fun

Back to Front

Whats the catch?